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Upload your personal library to your pod, share it with friends and family, and discover talented creators.

Funkwhale gives you access to your playlists, favorite tracks, and artists everywhere, from our web interface or the wide range of compatible apps for every platform.


Eine dezentrale und offene Plattform

Funkwhale consists of many independent pods which can communicate together using standard, free and open source technology.

The network is not tied to any corporation or entity, which gives you independence and choice.

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Von Menschen gemacht, für Menschen

Funkwhale is built from the ground up by a friendly community of contributors.

Because of that, we can offer you an experience free of tracking and ads, and focus on what you need.

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🐳 Wie funktioniert das?

Genauso wie Wale sammeln sich Funkwhale-Nutzende immer in Gruppen - den „Pods“.  A pod is a website running the Funkwhale server software.

You join the network by registering an account on a pod (sometimes called "server" or "instance"), which will be your home.

You will be able to interact with other people regardless of which pod they are using.

  Gründe deinen eigenen Pod

Starting your own pod requires some system administration skills, but will also give you more independence and control.

A Funkwhale Pod can run on affordable hardware like a Raspberry PI.

Durchstöbere die Installationsdokumentation
  Third-party Funkwhale hosting*

If you'd prefer to have someone else host your pod for you, the following providers offer hosted solutions:

* Funkwhale hat keinen direkten Bezug zu einem dieser Anbieter. Die Links stellen lediglich ein zusätzliches Angebot zur Vereinfachung dar.

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    Although already usable, Funkwhale is still in development. If you want to show us your support, we gladly accept donations!

    Donations will pay contributors and project-related fees such as hosting.

      Unterstütze Funkwhale finanziellLies unsere Roadmap

    Financial donations are not the only way to help, and you can join our effort to improve the platform by becoming a contributor.

    There are plenty of things you can do to make Funkwhale even better!

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