Soutenir Funkwhale

We're a team of volunteers, commited to develop, maintain and enhance Funkwhale. To do that, though, we need your help, and this includes your financial support.

Vous pouvez nous soutenir financièrement de deux façons :

DonnerDevenir adhérent

  Rejoindre le collectif

Funkwhale is maintained by a legal entity named The Funkwhale Collective. This is a french association with open memberships.

If you agree with our values, statutes, want to help and to have a say in the governance of the project, you can become a member!

It's as easy as reading our statutes, fill the membership form and pay your yearly membership fee (the minimum is 1€).

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Que puis-je faire en tant qu'adhérent·e ?

Becoming a member gives you the opportunity to join our General Assemblies, and vote, assuming you're a member for more than a year.

During our General Assemblies, we elect various representatives to run the collective and supervise the project. We also make critical decisions for the collective such as updating our statutes.

Comment utilisez-vous cet argent ?

Vous trouverez ci-dessous un budget détaillé de nos dépenses et revenus.

Please note that we are looking for ways to pay our contributors for their work, and the positive balance doesn't mean we aren't needing additional support ;)

Budget mensuel 2020-05 - 2020-12
Revenus4,110.00 €
Financement de NLNet3,960.00 €
Dons collectifs ouverts et cotisations des membres150.00 €
Dépenses-4,047.66 €
Les salaires de Ginny et Agate-3,960.00 €
Hébergement-47.99 €
Frais bancaires-21.43 €
Nom de domaine €
Sauvegardes et stockage-7.00 €
Nom de domaine €
Solde62.34 €